Firm Profile

Blanchette Van Dyk Valgardson Logue (BVVL) Chartered Accountants was started in 1992 when John Van
Dyk and Thomas Blanchette created the association Blanchette & Van Dyk.  Together they recognized
that sharing their workspace, skills, and knowledge would provide clients with an enhanced service and
experience.  Originally they shared an office space with another CA, but as their reputations grew so did
their practices.  Expansion into a larger site became a necessity.  So in 1995, with the recruitment of CA’s
G. Kevin Valgardson and Mervin Orr, Thomas and John started a new association – Blanchette Van Dyk
Valgardson  Orr  –  and  moved  to  a  new  location.    The  novel  experiences,  education,  and  expertise
brought  by  the  two  latest  CA’s  further  enhanced  the  association’s  reputation  and  services.    This  new
association carried on until Mervin Orr left in 2003.       
Once again, growth of clientele and limitations of space forced the existing association to re-locate to a
new office in 2003.  With the new building the association was able to expand for a second time.  In
2005, new CA Brett Logue joined the group as an associate.  Blanchette Van Dyk Valgardson Logue has
continued its practice at its current location in downtown Lethbridge since 2003.   
BVVL  Chartered  Accountants  is  a  Lethbridge  based  firm  providing  taxation  and  business  advisory
services  to  clients  throughout  Western  Canada.    Our  team  of  hard-working,  highly  educated,  and
experienced associates aid business owners in developing their skills and help them productively deal with
growth  and  change.    We  are  committed  to  working  closely  with  our  clients,  providing  a  dependable
standard of service based on local knowledge, professional insight, and industry familiarity. At BVVL we
strive to make a real difference in the community by being good community leaders.